August 31, 2012

Trail Magic and Slack Packing

There are two posts within this post.  The first is mine, the second is Void's. I should have posted this yesterday but forgot.

Monday I went out to the trail to do some magic, slack-pack Void and anyone around him, and hopefully meet up with some friends from the trail. Slacked Void from Slatington, PA to Port Clinton, PA over two days. Monday night I met up with Misery, Snickets, and Ken Doll before heading to Slatington to pick up Shambo. A little after Shambo and I got back to the group, Void joined us. Stealth camped just off the road that evening and in the morning they slacked 16 miles to the road where I was waiting for them.

Prior to their arrival, I met up with Anchor, Starfish, Sherpa, Shipwreck, and Zen and gave them some trail magic. Starfish wasn't doing too well and asked for a ride into Hamburg to wait for the rest of the group. After dropping her off I headed back to wait for Void and group where I met another SOBO, Floater. Floater and I talked for a bit and he joined me for lunch before heading back on the trail. About 1:30, Void and group arrived and they had some sodas, candy, snacks, and sandwiches. About 2:30 they got back on the trail to meet me in Port Clinton that night for a total of more than 30 miles. While waiting for them, I headed back to town and met up with Starfish, then the rest of her group as they arrived.

Around 8, I got a call from Void that they were in town and I met them in Port Clinton at a member's only bar that is hiker friendly. We sat around for a bit eating and drinking, then headed to the town pavilion where they allow hikers to sleep. The next morning, I drove the group to the trail head at the railroad tracks and waved goodbye.

Once they were on the trail, I headed back to Hamburg to meet up with Anchor, Starfish, Sherpa, Shipwreck, and Zen and drive them around so they could pick up supplies. Someone mentioned (I believe it was Starfish) that the oldest American Brewery, Yuengling, was nearby so we got in the car and drove out for a tour. It's actually quite interesting watching all the activities associated with brewing. After the tour, we went out to lunch and then I dropped the group off in Hamburg where they were zeroing for the day.

I still wish I was back on the trail, but at least by doing trail magic I can still experience the trail while I wait to hike again.

~Shadow Grimm

Since my last update i have left New York. I then left New Jersey in a couple days and went into Pennsylvania. I've been making some pretty good distance days of over 20 miles too. Met up with a bunch of people I've known and have been hiking with them for a few days now. Made it to Port Clinton last night after Shadow slack packed me and 4 others for 32 miles. the day before that I did a 24 mile day and had lunch at a place in Slatington PA called Nicki and Lena's Amazin' Bites. They had an amazin' Hawaiian burger!

Last night after we finished we went to a bar in the basement of a firehouse. It was for members only but members are allowed to "invite" 2 hikers each so we were able to get in. they are very hiker friendly and the first drink was on the house. Let me tell you... frozen burgers are absolutely delicious after a day of hiking.

So far PA has been rocky. and its not the rocks that you can easily step on or anything, no, its the rocks that stick up with points about 2 inches above the ground and try to break your ankle every time you take a step. It was slower going for a while. but apparently the first 60ish miles are the hardest for SoBos and i am now about 75 miles in so it should hopefully get a bit easier! Lots of rock slides to climb over and there have been a couple of really nice views. probably going to take a decently easy day today and stealth camp somewhere. I'm also probably going to end up in Virginia hopefully by next Tuesday or so, i am probably going to take a Zero or 2 and if Olive Garden is still offering endless pasta then that is what i am going to do. I am also possibly getting my hair dyed... apparently it will be blue... haven't had my hair dyed for a really long time so i just might let Ken Doll or Snickets do it.
now for some funny quotes of the past couple days...!!!

"Lets pretend to be homeless and exercise like crazy!" - Ken Doll

"I Slept like a baby in a shower" - Shambo

"Awkward girls can enjoy art too" - Shambo

Well, that's about it for now, looking forward to getting to Duncannon in a couple days and staying at the Doyle Hotel (apparently it is a crappy really run down hotel and should be destroyed, but all hikers need to go to it just to say they did and have the experience)

That's it Folks! Signing off, this is Void Grimm


  1. Void, it sounds like you are putting in some big mileage days, despite those nasty little PA rocks. You will like the Doyle, it has a lot of character. I hope to see you guys, on the trail, when you are in VA. I ate a steak, in your honor, at the annual PWRC coxswain's dinner, last night.

  2. i should be in Virginia either Sunday or Monday of next week. if i can i might stop by the PWRC and say hey to everyone and see if anyone is willing to come hiking with me. i'm planning on taking 1-3 days off to relax and get some home cooked food for a change. might eat like 9000 calories or something in a sitting, no big deal.

  3. Do you know when you will get to the AT Midpoint (approx mile 1090)? How many other SOBO's are you usually hiking with?