September 18, 2012

Deer near the trail

Saw this little one at Skyland Meadows Resort in Shenandoah. Eventually another joined him and they've been munching on grass since.

September 16, 2012

So... Starting out with our dad 2 days ago out of front royal. Day 2 we run into a black bear on the path (see picture). today we have seen 3 bears and 3 deer so far... lots of bears so far, we hope to see more :D
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September 14, 2012

Back on the trail

Got back on the trail today with Void and our dad. Short day starting from Front Royal to the shelter. Thanks mom for bringing us out.

Goal at the moment is to hike as much of VA as we can with our dad. We may jump part of the trail later to finish at Springer, just not sure when we'll skip. Time on the trail is more important than miles on the trail.

More updates down the trail.

September 4, 2012

New pictures are up

As promised to a few people, new photos from Void's travels in August have been uploaded and are available from the links on the right side.

As it looks now, I'll be getting back on the trail the middle of next week, give or take a day or two.